• Employee Attendance and Payment /Employee Attendance and Payment Calculation Application

    This system is used to record check in and out for the employee, using barcode scanner that printed on the id card of every employee.


    The system will use the information to determine the salary of the employee, and also it can give the printed report each month, and a printed id card with barcode number for the epmloyee.



  • Online Entrance Exam /Online Entrance Exam Test For Student Application

    A web app used to test students with questions based on a choosen major study.


    This app include a countdown timer created with jquery to limit the time that student uses to answer given questions.

    In the end of the countdown, the answer will be recorded and the score will be showed to the student along with the information to let the student knows they pass or fail the test.


  • SMKN 1 Bengalon /Website Online Register For Student

    An online student register system for SMKN 1 Bengalon.


    This system is used to register students that apply to the choosen school, pick major and also online test to determine the student is pass or fail to enter the school.


    The system also handle online register payment via bank transfer and payment confirmation is provided to student that already paid the required fee.


  • Info Kerja Kaltim /Job Seeker Website Samarinda

    A job seeker website that run and managed by Dinas Tenaga Kerja Samarinda.


    This website provide a place to post job vacancies, and the job seekers can register to be a member that will help the job seeker get relevant job according to their resume.


    Website : infokerja-kaltim.com

    Client: Dinas Tenaga Kerja Samarinda


  • Dinas Tenaga Kerja Samarinda /Website Disnaker samarinda

    Official website for Dinas Tenaga Kerja Samarinda.


    News, agenda, profil etc.


    Website: disnakertrans.kaltimprov.go.id

    Client: Dinas Tenaga Kerja Samarinda


  • Warehouse System /Warehouse System Application

    This system is used to monitor outgoing and incoming item.


    System will record every information of items that rented by user and use that information to help admin manage the necessary report.


  • Online Shop For Sport Equipment /Website Online Shop

    An online shopping website for sports equipment.


    Shopphing cart, discount, featured product, detail product, category product etc.

    This website is no longer maintain by it's user.


    Website: cv-rayhan.web.id


  • To Do List /Simple To Do List Application

    Simple app to record schedule.


    Add, edit, and download the attached file that save the info about the schedule.


  • Baby Disease Detection System /Expert System To Detect Disease For Baby

    An expert system to determine disease for a baby.


    This system will give some questions to the user and every question will have scores to determine (by percentage) the disease that baby has. When the user done answering all the given questions, user will get the printed result that can be follow up to the doctor.


  • Baby Skin Disease Detection System /Expert System To Detect Skin Disease For Baby

    An improved version of deteksi penyakit bayi.


    This system is improved version of deteksi penyakit bayi, with better UI and UX and more accurate disease predicting.


  • Barelang /Auction Data Record System For Kementrian Keuangan Samarinda

    Barelang : Badan Risalah Lelang

    This system is used by Kementrian Keuangan Samarinda, it has detail data filter to get specific record of the auctions, it also has chart to visualize all the data that recorded in database.


    Client: Kementrian Keuangan Samarinda


  • GIS Tourist Attraction /Tourist Attraction Location In Samarinda

    A geographic information system for tourist attraction in samarinda.


    This system can detect user position by gps (mobile user) or ip (pc user less accurate) and determine the best route to get there.

    It uses google map api to showing the map, marking place, route etc. 


  • VJ Tech Solution /Website Application and Mobile Development Service

    This one page website is my personal website to market my service.


    It has mobile support and online form for user to send their order.


    Website : vjtechsolution.com

  • Decision Support System Laptop /DSS For Selecting Laptops Based On Criteria

    An Decision Support System for selecting laptop.

    This system will use user input criteria for selecting laptop, and give the user best result that match the criteria

  • NEX TRACKING /Android Application to Track Sales Based on GPS

    Android app to monitor sales activity, realtime position, and taking orders.


    Feature : Realtime Position Update, Barcode Scanner, In App Custom Camera.

    Client : AICE ICE CREAM